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How You Can Support Us

For much of our of 37-year existence, ISACC has been funded by project grants from donor agencies abroad. While we are grateful that this has enabled us to do our work these many years, we now realize that if our core programs are to continue for the long term and have the spiritual impact that they should have, they should be funded and prayed for by God’s people. 

In a time when faith-based organizations get fund-driven and their missional sense eroded, we wish to safeguard our own missional integrity by seeking the prayers and financial support of those who believe in this ministry and care that it does its work faithfully and sustainably in the years to come. We trust that with your personal and generous gifts it would be possible to sustain our core programs independent of project funding.

By Way of Context

Serving as backdrop to all this is the need to deepen our spiritual impact and widen our reach as we respond to the challenges of the future.  

Globalization is forcing us all to deal with an entirely new context where the rules of the game are not yet clear. Most churches and organizations are either declining or reinventing themselves because the old ways of ‘doing mission’ just don’t work anymore. It is a time for fresh wineskins, for discerning what God is doing in the world today as he does his work of ‘making things new.’  

ISACC is now gearing up to deepen scholarship on how the Gospel can truly transform this country and penetrate the resistant cultures of Asia at a time of resurgent fundamentalism and politicized religions. We are stepping up our advocacy program to eventually create a compelling voice in the public square and empower our people towards responsible citizenship. Since climate change is upon us and more devastating disasters is the ‘new normal,’ we have embarked, together with our partners, on a wholistic rehabilitation project among stricken communities in Tacloban and have made disaster response part of our research and institutional brief.  

We are grateful for many friends, near and far, who have walked with us, and continue to trust that the Lord shall bring many more who shall travel with us in the years ahead. 

We wish to invite you to accompany us anew in bringing this work forward.

Pray for Our Team and Our Work


Give to a Specific Program 

  • Advocacy – Popular Education for Good Governance
  • Arts & Culture – strengthening the use of local cultures and the arts and development of materials that creatively propagates the message of the God
  • Development work – particularly the psychospiritual intervention for ST Haiyan survivors in Leyte
  • Training – to equip faith-based workers
  • Research – to develop culturally-sensitive approaches in presenting the Gospel

Help us put up a trust fund to sustain our programs.

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