Frequently Asked Questions

How to be a member of ISACC?

ISACC has a Statement of Faith and Commitment that members must subscribe to.

If you are interested to be a member, please email and request for details and requirements on membership. 

What are the benefits of being an ISACC member?

ISACC members are prioritized in the invitation and selection of participants to forthcoming events, trainings and fora.

Membership also gives you up to 20% discount on all ISACC trainings and publications.

Can I apply for scholarship on ISACC courses?

Yes. Scholarship on our trainings are available. You may email us your intent to avail.

Do you have apprenticeship programs?

Yes. A minimum of six months is required for apprenticeship. Applicant’s field of interest will be matched with existing programs. You will be mentored by senior staff and Fellows in such fields as media and communication arts, development theory and practice, and theology as it relates to culture and the social sciences.  

We do not give stipends to our apprentices. You will be responsible to raise your own support for this.