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Making Filipino Culture Work for You

This cross-cultural training is designed for expats in the Philippines and globally mobile corporate executives, development managers, missionaries, HRD practitioners and career civil servants. It aims to deepen understanding…

Wholeness in the Workplace

A three-day retreat that provides a safe space for leaders of churches, faith-based organizations and corporate firms to grow spiritually and reflect on the state of their personal and organizational health. This is meant to awaken awareness…

Transformational Development Course

Transformational Development Course is designed for leaders and field managers of faith-based organisations to help them intergrate their faith in doing culturally-sensitive development work. The coure aims to deepen…

Gospel, Culture & the Filipino Church

This research-based coursework is designed for pastors, Christian workers and ministry leaders  to address the critical need of the local church to witness to the challenge of a more biblically-based and culturally-sensitive evangelism, discipleship and social concern in their localities.

Culture at Work

This seminar enhances sensitivity to Christian values and the Filipino’s unique psycho-sociological make-up. It is designed to enhance capacity towards improved productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.

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