ISACC President Pays Tribute to René Padilla and John Stott

In a unique time in history, the evangelical church vacillated between celebration and grief in one day. April 27th 2021, while we jovially remembered John Stott’s 100 years, we quickly moved to sorrow upon learning the passing on of René Padilla. Dr. Melba Padilla Maggay, co-founder and President of ISACC, was one of those who were deeply affected by the events that took place last week. Not only did she share special bonds of friendship with the two theologians, but both were also her mentors towards realizing a church that is sensitized and responsive to the needs for evangelization and social action.

Señor René Padilla, the Father of Integral Mission, was Dr. Melba’s predecessor as President of the Micah Global Network. Many Filipino evangelical leaders recall meeting Señor René during his visits at ISACC. Here, he would lead fora and training on misión integral and the role of the church from the majority world in the building of God’s Kingdom here and now. Many young ISACC members and friends who are now leaders of seminaries and churches drew much inspiration from the writings and visits of Senor René.

John Stott, or Uncle John as he is fondly called by many, has also been one of the first people who believed and advocated for ISACC. When the organization was merely starting, ISACC was riddled with doubts and suspicions of proliferating a good news closer to that of Marx than that of Christ Jesus. It is in this crucial time that Uncle John, who was the founder of Langham Partnership International and was dubbed by Times Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world, decided to lend credibility to the organization as one of ISACC’s first International Board of Reference in the late ’70s. Uncle John proceeded to provide inspiration for ISACC until the Lord took him home in 2011.

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