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Psychospiritual Response to Haiyan Survivors in Tacloban

No one imagined what a ‘storm surge’ would be like. We are normally buffeted by 20-25 typhoons a year, the fiercest three in the past four years with winds of up to 290 kph. But this one has left us dumbstruck, leveling down the entire city of Tacloban, Guiuan and most of Eastern Samar in […]

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What We Do…

Training and Capacity Building

enabling organizations to make the doing of good better, helping communications and enterprises of the poor to grow, and strengthen the values that make for culturally relevant witness and a culture of stewardship and entrepreneurshipLearn more…

Research and Publications

missiology, gospel and culture contextualization issues, and cross-cultural studies…Learn more…


Media Advocacy

popular education and media advocacy for good governance and citizenship, aimed at deepening sensitivity to cultural and spiritual dimensions of social transformationLearn more…

Grassroots Development

grassroots and community development through its social development arm, ISACC Serves, which directy serves poor communities and aims to surface learnings in doing innovative disaster response and rehabilitation, trauma care, spiritual formation and other approach to community-buildingLearn more…


ISACC has been recognized for

Distinguished Evangelical Award in the field of church studies and culture, by the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, 1995

Faithful Teaching, Heavenly Wisdom,’ presented by Breakthrough, Hongkong, 2008 on ISACC’s 30th Anniversary

Leadership of the evangelical presence during the People Power revolution in 1986 by the Center for Transformation, Asian Theological Seminary


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What people say about ISACC…

“I have been proud and grateful to be associated with you… And I continue to be supportive of your struggle to relate Christ and culture in an Asian context.”

Sir John RW Stott+(CBE)
Time's 100 Most Influential People (2005);
Founder, Langham Trust;
Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth II (1959)

"With some exceptions, much of our Christianity today is still confined within the four walls of the church. That is why it is refreshing to note that ISACC is committed 'to stimulate and support the Filipino church' in its effort to be truly 'salt' and 'leaven' where it would pursue Kingdom values, engage the unjust structures and seek their transformation. My prayer for you is to continue to be a faithful watchman speaking with boldness and courage so that change may become a reality, especially for our poor."

Senator Jovito R. Salonga+ 

Senate President, Republic of the Philippines


“…We are proud of the way that you (ISACC) have combined serious research on the history and cultural impact of Christianity in the Philippines with a continuing burden to reach people with the Gospel. This is an illustration to us of the fact that a deep commitment to Christ not only liberates individuals but also allows cultures to reach their full potential.”

Dr. William Dyrness

Fuller Theological Society;

with Dr. Grace R. Dyrness

Urban Initiatives, USA

“…ISACC has always inspired me in your commitment to the needy, building Christian values in culture, and creative expressions of faith. Your thoughts are global, ethnic, and gender issues are substantive and prophetic. We look forward to your major contribution to the Christian and social communities in the next century.” 

Dr. Leung Wing-Tai
President, Lumina College Hong Kong

“We have begotten no sons…Our sons speak another language…  Who among the young writers now can read my poems ?  My poems may as well be written in Babylonian!…  The fathers of the young poets of today are from across the sea.  They are not our sons; they are foreigners to us, and we do not even exist for them." - Nick Joaquin
     … If  not for communities like ISACC, Joaquin’s lament might have come true.  But the Holy Spirit has encouraged you.  Christ has empowered you, entering your pain and generating the power for new beginnings.  God the Creator has blessed you with Filipino culture, a treasure chest of symbols for exuberant expression of his image.  May you walk in his grace and holiness, in the Word and in prayer, sons and daughters of the land (and the water).  May your words, visuals, and acts give reason for hope.”

Dr. Miriam Adeney
(Regent College and Seattle Pacific University, USA)

“…Through the years, ISACC has become a well-known name for confronting significant issues in the community, political and religious, in order to keep these before the public eye. This has proven to be a key ministry that so often is bypassed, yet essential if we are to see Biblical principles discussed and instilled into the hearts and minds of our citizens. ISACC has also been in the forefront ministering among those who needed help in community development. Projects have been initiated and carried out with care and sensitivity.”

Myron Harrison
Former Field Director, OMF International, Philippines

 “…While two decades may not be as long as a century, it is long enough for so many events to shape a people’s history as well as a nation’s destiny. In a world long corrupted by sin, agents of godly influence and holiness turn the tide of total degeneration. This, we believe, has been the ministry of ISACC for the last two decades.  In so many instances, you have kept true to your call to be ‘voice in the (moral) wilderness’ in proclaiming God’s message for the people of our time.”

Dr. Medarlo B. Rivera
Former General Secretary, Philippine Bible Society

“…Tunay na sa loob ng dalawang dekadang ito ay naging saksi kami sa katapatang inyong ipinakita sa paglilingkod sa Panginoon sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay ng mga mapaghamon at kristiyanong pagtugon sa tawag ng panahon. Napaunlad at napayaman ninyong higit ang aming pagsasahimpapawid sa pamamagitan ng inyong paglalapat ng mga biblikal na kasagutan sa mga isyung kinakaharap ng ating lipunan sa kasalukuyan. Ang mga ito ay nakatulong nang higit upang mabigyan ng isang balanse at tamang pananaw ang ating mga kababayan hinggil sa mga usaping may kinalaman sa kanilang pang-araw-araw na buhay.”

Carlos Peña
Former President, Far East Broadcasting Company

“… to see through our own masks, and in doing so, discover what we really are, as country, as nation, as people. ISACC has been one of those asking the right questions, peering behind the masks, slicing through the pretenses. Its views have not been merely refreshing, they have been disturbing and so they should.”

Ma Cristina V. Rodriguez
Founder and executive director, Crossroads Publications, Inc.

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The Justice Conference Asia interview with Dr. Melba Maggay (3 minutes)

Melba Maggay – Be Personal not Just a Program @ The Justice Conference Asia

“…having good individuals in the government doesn’t necessarily change what’s happening.”

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